Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We just got back from our weekend. We stayed home Friday and Saturday and got alot done. Then we went to Pocatello on Sunday to see Shane's (Mike) grandpa in the hospital. He has been in the hospital a lot lately. After that we went to Aberdeen and stayed with his family, we went to the semetary to see Bonnie (Shane's mother) grave with the kids. It was decorated really nice, it was a little hard being there, we have only been there about one other time. We really miss Bonnie. She was a great mother in law. She would spoil me pretty good and she thought that I was an angel that had come to find her son. She died before Gabe and Lacey were born, she would have been a really great Grandma. A few years before she died she started making baby blankets. We have received 2 of them one for Gabe and one for Lacey. Lacey has both of them right now. They look alot a like but with different backside prints. They are Lacey's favorites blankets and won't go to sleep without one of them. I find that interesting. Also if you admired Lacey's curly hair you can also thank grandma Bonnie for that. Bonnie had really curly hair too and passed that on to Lacey.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

9th Anniversary

So today is our 9th Anniversary. We are actually going to do something. Yeah...I rented a fantasy suite at the AmericInn in Rexburg. It has a jucuzzi and is decorated in midivale times stuff. Hopefully I will feel like I am in a castle. See ya..........gotta go enjoy my night.

And also special thanks to Shawn and Diane for watching our children. Thank You.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

IPod Users & Book Readers

So I discovered that on itunes under Podcasts you can get the Book of Mormon on audio form for free. You can also get general conference and the ensign for free. It was so easy to download and put on my ipod.

Also if you didn't know I am way into (thanks to my 2nd cousin Audrey Murdock Preston) Audible is audio books. I can listen to a book in about 3 days without disrupting my lifestyle at all. It is great. So my sister wanted me to read the book the 5 Languages of Love. I just finished it today, it is a really good book.....All married people or people about to get married need to read this book. It will change you marriage. I am so excited for my husband to listen to it to. Since he commutes to Montana once a week he should be able to listen to it in one day. Thanks Janel (my sister) for recommending it to me.

For those of you that have read the book. I think my love language is Quality Time.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Bad Morning

So I was awakened this morning by my son at 5:00 am with the aroma of diarrhea. It wasn't until we were in the bathroom that I noticed diarrhea was all the way down both of his legs. I put him in the shower and then I noticed their was a trail of pooh all the way down the hall and into his bedroom. I was scared to look at his bed but knew that I needed to. I noticed his boxer shorts first (very bad) I lifted them up and saw the real mess laid before me on his bed. It was huge mess. For all of you thinking that it couldn't be as bad as one of your experiences you have to remember that my son is 4 years old.

Later today I realized the colperette of this disaster. I was also having some of these symptoms today and thought what did we eat. Well it wasn't that had to discover that Sunday evening Gabe was pretty hungry and I was in desperate need for a treat. So we both pigged out on Fiber one bars. I had 4 of them and Gabe had 2. So yes we overdosed on Fiber and got a good colin cleanse of out it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


So we went to the sand dunes again today. It was so much fun. Today we really went swimming. The water is shallow so it is really good for little kids. We are planning to go to the dunes and the lake often this summer.

Lacey swimming by herself in the shallow water

Daddy coming back from a ride on our four wheeler.

Gabe building sand towers.

Landscape of a very small part of the sand dunes.

No, not a yard sale...Just us trying to keep our stuff out of the sand. We did bring a sheet to sit on but the kids kept getting sand on it so I had to shake it out often.

My children are addicted to root beer milk and chocolate milk. I told Gabe earlier that we could ride our bikes to the playground......Later on he was whinnying for a root beer milk, I told him that if he had a rb milk we couldn't go to the playground on our bikes........Well a little later I find him behind the pantry door drinking a rb I have to stick to my word and I and next time he asked about the bike ride I said "I am sorry you chose to drink the milk instead of go the going to the playground.".....Well it has been drama ever since and it still is...He is in his room crying and crying. I sure hope he will learn a lesson.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We went to my mom's house for mothers day today. It was really nice, We went to there sacrament meeting and had a really nice dutch oven dinner that my dad made.

I got myself a new dress and my hair colored for mothers day. Check out my blonde hair. The kids made me some homemade cards and my husband got me a nice card. He loved my hair and gave me lots of compliments on how nice and sexy I looked. So that was a pretty good present in my mind.
Here is a close up that I took

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My New Bike and Trailer

So on a lighter note.. I wanted to show everyone my new bike and trailer.

I have no more patients

So just as I was about to write this post I heard a laptop computer hit the floor downstairs..... Will this day ever end. I watched my friends kids today, listened to Lacey's many fits, Gabe's constant whinning, I donated today so I was starving until I could get some food. About 6:45 I decided that Lacey was tired and going to bed. It only took me an hour of being the meanest mom ever to get her to go to sleep......and while I was doing that I managed to get the worst paper jam in my computer that I have ever seen. I was so bad that I had to get a screw driver and take it apart. My patients was completely gone. But by some miracle I was able to get the paper out and put the printer back togeather (by stealing a screw from somewhere else because I lost one somewhere in the printer) and it worked. The first 2 pages came out blank, and I thought oh well I tried but then I tried again and miracle it worked. So that was my night.

Sometimes I feel like I am always mad and frustrated being a mom. The constant whinning and tantrums are wearing me out.........Let alone trying to keep up on the house and work 20 hours a week from home.

p.s. I also washed and dried my ipod shuffle

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Young Soul

So we went to the sand dunes today with our 4 wheel that we got a few months ago. In the moment I felt like I was 17 years old riding around on those dunes. It was so fun. When I was younger I was known to be kind of adventurous and competitive. I grew up riding 3 wheelers, driving trucks and tractors, showing cattle, playing sports, playing veterinarian, landscaping and fighting fires.......Surprise if some of you didn't know that about me.

I also was able to take Gabe for a ride and he was laughing and holding on tight. I wanted to take some pictures but when we got out there the battery was dead.

So........... the first song playing on the playlist I have been looking for awhile. I first heard it on the Mac computer commercials and I thought I really like that song I am going to try and get it. It only took me about a month to figure it out. I saw it on VH1 today while I was donating plazma. Enjoy