Monday, December 17, 2007

Gabe Skiing

So this was a great day. Gabe and I (Michelle) went up with Shawn and Diane to Grand Targhee for Gabe's first time skiing. He did so good. I was nervous at first because he was scared and starting to get mad. I was scooting on my knees holding onto the tips of his skis, holding it in the snowplow position (we called it making a pizza). About half way down the bunny hill i was able to let go and he was slowing himself down. For about the first hour I was just walking. I really didn't think that he would get good enough for me to snowboard (I couldn't find my ski's) because when I snowboard I knew that I wouldn't be able to help him as much. But sure enough he did improve so much that that last 2 hours I snowboarded while he skied. I was really fun. Gabe skied nonstop for about 3 hours. I kept asking him if he wanted to take a break in the lodge or keep skiing and he said everytime keep skiing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mike's (Shane) Graduation

Everyone is invite to come to Mike's graduation on Dec. 14th (Friday) at 7:00 pm in the Hart (but we aren't sure about the location) We have a few tickets to the large graduation with the speaker it starts at 5pm. We may all go out to eat for a celebration afterwards. This is a great occasion that doesn't come by often in the Oldfield family.

Gabe's Birthday

Well Gabe loved his 4th birthday. His Grandpa Oldfield came up the Saturday before and brought him a battery operated 4 wheeler. He loves it and can drive it really good. The problem is we have no where to store it in the trailer. But Gabe doesn't care about that. We made cupcakes for his birthday cake and all of his friends gots to blow out their own candle.


So ran into Santa at Mommy's and Me's. We only went there because the daycare at the gym was closed after 1 pm on a Saturday. But it turned out great because we got this picture. Lacey was scared of Santa so the only way she would be in the picture was for me to be in it too. So there I am with no make up (I was planning on working out not getting my picture taken)