Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Playground

There is a playground really close to our house. I took some pictures the other day and thought that I would share them. In June sometime they are suppose to finish our backyard and put a playground set right out of our backdoor. I am really excited.

Here is Lacey on the slide. She can climb the ladder and go down the slid all by herself.

Gabe loves going to the playgroud.

This is currently are backyard. At least it is not a mud hole anymore.

Monday, April 28, 2008

No training wheels

i didn't realize that he falls down at the end until I uploaded it. It is gravel and bumpy down at that end.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Morning

Well it is a beautiful morning in Rexburg. We have had the longest winter, Here it is almost May and their has been about a total of 5 nice days. Grandma and Grandpa Oldfield came up yesterday and brought Lacey her new big girl bed. She sleep in it last night for the first time. She was tired last night that she went to sleep pretty good, and then she got up 2 times in the middle of the night, and I had to put her back to bed. I am currently trying to get Lacey to take a nap. I have put her to bed about 10 times. after about 4 times I have to start giving her a spakin everytime she gets up and then put her right back to bed. I did read in the Love and Logic parenting book that spakin can be effective around 2 to 3 years old. It does seem to help me get her to bed better otherswise I think I would be putting her to bed about 50 times or naps would no longer exist. Some people lock their door but this doesn't work very good with Lacey because she just bangs on the door with her bottle. Now I am up to 13 times.

This is Lacey's new bed, that my Dad and I built.

Here is a picture of Gabe and Lacey's matching beds. Now I just need to help my mom make a valance that matched the bedspread that she made to go on the window shades.

Gabe took this picture of Me and Lacey first thing this morning. So now you all know how I look when I wake up. It is rare to get a picture of me because I am the one taking the pictures so I thought I would post it. But not bad for a 4 year old photographer. I didn't even crop it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


It snowed today a lot. It was so sad. I thought sping was coming....

Well I signed up for a personal trainer at the gym today, they were having a 2 for 1 special so my husband and I both get trainers. We are excited. Usually when i get close to the weight that I am at I get comfortable and then stop loosing weight and then I eventually put weight back on. I really didn't want that to happen so now I have a trainer to keep me moving forward to my goals.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So I have been thinking about doing the Rush Triatholon in Rexburg this August. I talked to a women in my spinning class at the gym about it. I have been interested in them ever since I learned to swim but it is also very scary to me. I am still slightly non commital but I think I am goin to start training for it. It is a half mile swim in open water, 14 miles bike ride, and a 5K run. So if anyone has advice I would love to hear it.

Lacey is doing better about sleeping (However I couldn't get her to tap a nap today). We are going to get her a regular bed pretty soon.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sleeping Changes

Well I thought I would tell you what is new in my life. Yesterday Lacey learned how to climb out of her crib. As to no surprise to anyone that meant that she didn't get a nap. I knew that I would have a tough night ahead. I decided to try to put her to bed at 6pm an hour early for bed because she was tried because she hadn't had a nap that day. Well 2 hours later she feel asleep after I had put her to back to bed 40 times. So of the times I had put her in a regular bed not her crib, but she did crawl out of that crib about 15 times. She was so tired at the end that she didn't even have the strength to climb out anymore. So I was interested in how it would go tonight, thinking that it would have to be better. Well it was, it only took 6 times tonight and she decided that it wasn't worth it and stayed in bed and fell asleep.


Gabe did enjoy going to Blackfoot. He asked me on Sunday if we were going to back to Grandma's. I guess did he did have a few battle wounds.

I was thinking yesterday that I don't really keep a journal or a family history. I had this idea that I could post on here more often and make it like my family history or my journal. I could probably even print it once a year and put it in a binder. So I am going to try it, so check my blog more often because I will at least be writing a message most days.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nice Day

Well I just got back from a 2 hour bike ride with Lacey in the bike trailer behind me. We had so much fun, we rode into town and then to the nature park and then over to the ice cream shop and then just for exercise we took a detour up to the temple. (yes it was hard) then we cruised all the way home. Shane went to try out his new four wheeler today for the first time and Gabe went with Shawn and Diane to Blackfoot for the day. Last night Shawn came over and was teaching Gabe how to ride a skateboard. I have some picture's and a video to show you. I fixed Lacey's hair today with pony tails all over her head it is so cute.!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring is coming

Today was so warm and beautiful. We went to the zoo in Idaho Falls with my sister (with her kids) and mom. We have been so excited for the spring. I took a picture of some tulips that I had for a little while but already died. Gabe learned to ride a bike this week without training wheels. It took him no time at all to catch on. I will have to take a video clip of him and post it on hear.

I discovered audible.com this week. I have been listening to an audiobook while I have been working out, donating plazma, cleaning house and while my children are watching cartoons that we have all seen hundreds of times. I really like to read but since I work from home while my children go to bed I don't have much time to read but I have found that I have much more time to listen to a book on my ipod.