Monday, November 16, 2009

Gabe can skateboard

He got so much better every time that we went to the skatepark.

Halloween update

We went to the pumpkin show in Shelley where we live for Halloween they had all these pumpkins decorated. This one is toy Story.
At the pumpkin show they had these painted pictures that you put your head in. We took lots of pictures but my kids had their head in better in these ones.

This is Gabe and Lacey for Halloween. Gabe is a star wars Jedi and Lacey is spiderman she insisted at the last moment that she should be spiderman. I felt like I had 2 boys. I thought maybe next year Lacey should be princess Leigha from Star Wars. We went to a carnival at the high school. Gabe did really good shooting this toy gun and won the best prize, they even took his picture and interviewed him. We did the traditional trick or treating. Lots of people weren't home, but we still managed to get lots of candy. The kids went to one country house that gave them a fresh bag of cotton candy.