Friday, March 21, 2008

Buzzlight Year to the rescue

We got a buzzlight year from ebay the other day. Gabe has had his heart set on a Buzz, but they are really hard to find now that Toy story has been out for so long. Anyway this Buzz really fly's we got such a kick out of it that we took a video out it. check it out.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Family Picture & Others

Christmas Pictures

Time Fly's

I can't believe it has been since Dec. 17th since I last made a blog.  Well we went through graduation for Shane (mike).  We moved into our new townhouse about the first week of January.  I is really nice and we love it.  We have gotten so much snow this winter. I wish I had some good pictures to post for all of you that are far away from Rexburg.   I started working for home now, I have to be disciplined to work when Lacey is sleeping.  I am getting about 18 hours a week.  I am going to apply to teach swimming lessons this summer up at green canyon.  I need to teach this year or I will loose my certification.  I am really excited for the summer.  Shane is also excited for the summer because we bought a quad sport 4 wheeler.  The sand dunes are really close to us here and he wants to ride up there a lot.  Which is fine with me because I like to ride and their is a little lake up there in the sand that me and the kids can play in while Dad is riding the four wheeler.  Shane's job is going better, we were worried at first because they weren't giving him many hours.  He really likes it though, he never did like physical labor jobs and he is glad to have is degree.  Shane is also going to Master's school through Walla Walla WA.  There is an extension program in Idaho Falls and Missoula MT where he will attend both locations in the next year, But it is only one year and he will be done.  Enjoy the pictures and video's I am about to post, they are some of my favorites this winter.  The family picture was just taken 2 days ago so it is really recent.