Friday, January 30, 2009

Week flew By

Can' t believe it is already Friday. This week flew by. I can't even remember what happened. We are just settling into our new lifestyle of me working less and Daddy working more. It going good.

Lacey is talking so much. She actually started counting up to 10 the other day when I was moving some kind of food. I couldn't believe that she was count each piece. Now idea where she learned to count. Lacey also got to go to gymnastics at the gym. The kids are suppose to be 3 but they let her try it out and she did really good so they let her going the class once a week. She loves it. I need to get her a leotard and leg warmers she would be so cute.

Gabe is doing good in preschool. He had learned lots of good life skills along with his numbers and letters. He is really growing up fast. They are just finishing up a brand new elementary school that Gabe will get to go to this fall.

Dad is liking is new job most of the time. He has a really flexible schedule and can still work out at the gym before work. He tend to work until 7:00 pm every night though. He has one client that is pretty rewarding. He picks up food for the family twice a week from the food bank and takes his client to the soup kitchen, and the WMCA to take a shower. It was the little boys birthday yesterday so Shane (Mike) took him out to eat at his favorite restaurant Godfathers Pizza.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Forgot Something

Oh I forgot to post that I lost 4 pounds last week with weight watchers.

The Calming after the Storm

Well life is Good. I am back to working from home again and I have cleared things up with my boss so things are better than they were before. I have cut back on some hours too. I am actually enjoying cleaning my house if you can believe that. I now relate computers to work which is the opposite with most of you. So sorry if I don't do that well.

My camera cable has been lost too which is why there are no pictures.

If you are feeling like you never talk to me because i seem to be too busy. Send me an email. I have mobile email on my phone. So I check emails a lot more often or texting is great. I have unlimted texting with a phone with a full keyboard.

Good Times Everyone.

Still enjoying no diapers in my life...It has been 5 years.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello Friends and Family

Thanks Diane for encouraging me to post a blog. I was really busy in December working over 40 hours a week. I am still waiting for the stress to die down in my life.

So I tried this weightloss product called ultra 90, and it made my face break out in really bad acne. It was awful.

We are still trying to get more hours and clients for my husbands job.

My current job is really getting rocky. I have felt sick for 2 days because I don't know if I am still going to have my job or not. I really don't want to go into details on the internet.

Good news. Lacey is potty trained!! Even at night time. It was going so well that I decided just to leave the panties on at bedtime as well. She hasn't even wet to bed once. She has had a few accidents during the day. but not at nightime....I know amazing.

Good News. My face is clearing up....

Good News I am going to join Weight Watchers tomorrow.

Good News I went to a job interview today about being a tax preparer. I can get started on some online training. Even if I don't want the job they offer me I have more training and maybe I can start my own tax service business.

I do wish my life would slow down some and be less stressful. Maybe someday.