Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well we had a great halloween. We went trick or treating for 2 hours then we went to the Teton House (a retired community) and trick or treated their and ate some dinner. Lacey did so good for her first Halloween. She didn't really make any facial expressions but she didn't cry or wine either. She couldn't believe that people were giving her candy after she knocked on the door. She was actually knocking after awhile into it. Gabe had a blast being spiderman. He rode his bike all around the houses and trailers. Some of our pictures didn't turn out We had some really cute ones too with all 3 of us that dressed up. Shane (Mike) did dress up for work last Friday and he was a rock star. He had a big long haired blond wig and tatoos all the way up his arms. They looked pretty cool. Anyway we had a great halloween and we have so much candy......

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Horse Ride

The kids were so excited to get to ride the horses (The picture by the rocks is them waiting in line which apparently not exciting). Lacey was a little scared but she did good riding with her me. Gabe was so brave to ride by himself. He loved it. He had about 5 turns, he liked riding with his cousin Kason too. Gabe and Lacey are really growing up fast. Lacey is 16 months old now and Gabe's will be 4 on Dec 5th. He is really excited about having a birthday party. He was coloring and cut paper yesterday telling me that he is making invitations for his birthday party. I feel like I am sprinting at the end of the race trying to get to Dec 16th when Shane graduates and he will start working as a licensed social worker. When that happens I will work only as a bookkeeper from home about 15 hours a week. I am so excited to slow down a little bit. We have a server at my work so I can log right into it from home through a laptop they gave me. It is an ideal working situation at home. I usually just work after Lacey goes to bed at night or during her nap time. Well thanks for reading my blog everyone !!! I sure do appreciate you.