Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lacey's changes

Well, the good news is that Lacey learned to petal a bicycle this week. She is actually really good at it now, but she can really get herself into trouble as well by riding into the road so I have to really keep an eye on her. She thinks she is so grown up now because she can ride a bike like the big kids. I keep meaning to take a little video of her riding you would be so amazed, it really is something.

So we went to WIC 2 days ago and they made me feel guilty enough to finally take Lacey's bottle away. She has been using one to help her go to sleep. Anyway it has been just has hard as I thought it would be. She has been trying to fall asleep now for 3 hours. She didn't take a nap and she went to bed late last night because of the same issue so I thought for sure she would be so hammered that I could put her to bed at 7:00. Well it is almost 10:00 and I just heard a cry. Do I give up or keep trying?

So I have been working about 5-6 hours a day from home mostly, few hours here and there at the office. It becomes pretty much consuming because everytime I have a calm moment with the kids I am working. It doesn't leave me much time to enjoy my children or clean the house, or to even unwind. I haven't even watch any olympics or any TV for that matter in weeks.

I read all of these blogs of yours and I think I am not a very good mom. Maybe you guys are only posting the good stuff. It seems lately that It has only been hard stuff in my life. I could really use a vacation with my kids and husband, or at least a change. Mike isn't going to get as many hours this fall because grade school is starting and they past a law saying that you can't work with school age kids before school hours are out. Anyway I will be working more, but at least it will be at the office and Mike will be home with the kids thus actually giving me a brake. Maybe it won't be bad after all.

Friday, August 15, 2008


So we decided to go camping tomorrow morning. It is a last minute thing. We are going up past kelly canyon so we can ride the 4 wheeler. I will bring the camera.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The last Post about my Skin Problem

With some insight from my mother and my sister Angie I may have found out what caused these spots (finally). My mom and my sister are allergic to Amoxicillian and they brake out in hive's when they take it. I did take some Amoxiciallian just before I started braking out with this nummual eczema. So I am going to say that I am allergic to amoxiciallian as well.

Anyway I got a kenaloge shot and more allergy medicine and steroid cream and they are finally going away. I am so glad :) I will never take my skin for granted again, and I will never be taking amoxicillian again either.

This shows some spots on my leg. The spots started out red but as they are healing more and more they are flaky more like eczema.

Monday, August 4, 2008

ThE gIrL wItH nO fEaR

All Alone

So My husband is is Missoula MT today (16 hour day) going to school. He always travels to Montana on Monday's with about 4 other people. My children are in Aberdeen with Grandma and Grandpa Oldfield, hopefully having a great time.

I am still at work. I volunteered to work full time at the office Monday and Tuesday because everyone is gone, thus the reason that my children are in Aberdeen. I am still at the office because i just keep working because I really don't have any reason to go home. It is a weird feeling for me to have no family responsibilities today.

My spots are slowly starting to heal, they have been an emotional drain on me.

I found a new song that I love "All I want is you" by Tristian Prettyman. Playlist doesn't have it or I would put it on my blog. But itunes does.