Monday, September 5, 2011

Lacey waiting for the parade to start

The Fallon Labor day Parade

Labor Day weekend

So we hit our one year this weekend of moving here to Fallon NV. We went on multiple bike rides, went to Pyramid Lake and got to be in the parade today. Lacey and I road are bikes in the parade and Gabe and Dad rode in the firetruck.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

45 mile bike Ride

Had a great ride today with Ember and Chris Henning today. We drove to Silver Springs NV (which is about 20 miles from Fallon) and the we rode are bikes to Dayton NV (which is 5-10 miles from Carson City NV) and then back to Silver Springs. I got a good lesson in hydration and endurance nutrition from my friends. I feel like a million bucks after the ride today. Usually I feel like a zombie after a big ride. Also was able to ride some hills which we don't have much of here in Fallon NV.

My husband held down the house and kids while I took off this morning at 6 am. So thankful for me for being supportive of my new hobby. The house was even all clean when I came home. It is shaping up to be a great labor day weekend. Gabe and Mike (Shane) when shooting 22's after I got back and then off to the rattlesnake raceway here in Fallon. This race track is all dirt, so it can be interesting watching them slide around the turns. I may go for the day to Lake Tahoe and hang out with a friend who is camping up there this weekend. And Monday there is the Labor day parade that the kids get to ride on a fire truck and through candy. Next year I am going to get the Churchill Cyclist Club to ride bikes in the parade.

Having a great day. : )