Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My NeW LiTtLe JoB

So I started taking care of a 2 month old baby on Monday. So that would mean today is only my 3rd day. Believe it or not it isn't that bad. If you don't know me very well I also have a 6 month old baby myself. So it feels as if I have twins maybe. I love it though. He is a really good baby and so is mine so it is working out. They both wanted to eat at the same time yesterday so I just put one in the swing with a pasifier and fed the other one.

Today I made my first attempt to take them somewhere. Bundled them up this morning at 8 am and went to the gym. Lacey came too and she was a good helper. Had a good time spinning, fed a baby before we left the gym and fed the other one after we got home. Now they are both sleeping.

Just a little note.